Mr. President’s Bench

The dictator of an embattled second-world country arrives in America for medical treatment at the hospital where Armando works as an intensive care nurse. An emigrant from the same country as the despot, Armando befriends the ruler and his wife, and struggles to keep the secret from his father and other expatriates who want to kill the tyrant for revenge and a generous reward.

The Store

In a city on the brink of widespread insurrection, Giacomo Borgetto comes face-to-face with the people and forces shaping post-World War II Detroit, including taking advantage of his connections to the mob while remaining mindful to keep his three sons on the straight-and-narrow path.


Jonathan Walden — idealistic and high-minded — is a long shot to become president of Midwest University until a shrewd deal gets him the post at the proverbial liberal arts/research school where football, status, allowing donors to have their way and taking any action to protect the brand is the norm.