When Stillness Speaks

Two brothers share a horrific past, each grasping to make sense of the legacy of a gruesome crime. One hears the clarion call of conscience. The other is filled with unquenchable, ruthless ambition. In the end, only one will survive to tell the truth of that terrible night years ago.

A Memory Called River

One of the most famous men (Theodore Roosevelt) in the world sets out on a journey to map an uncharted tributary in the Amazon, which turns into a terrifying descent into a psychological abyss where he comes face-to-face with the limits of his ambition and deepest regrets.

Mr. President’s Bench

The dictator of an embattled second-world country arrives in America for medical treatment at the hospital where Armando works as an intensive care nurse. An emigrant from the same country as the despot, Armando befriends the ruler and his wife, and struggles to keep the secret from his father and other expatriates who want to kill the tyrant for revenge and a generous reward.

I Knew You When

Mutually saved by a chance encounter when their lives are at a meaningless impasse, Addie and Will realize they are soul mates. Fate, however, casts many obstacles in their way.

The Store

In a city on the brink of widespread insurrection, Giacomo Borgetto comes face-to-face with the people and forces shaping post-World War II Detroit, including taking advantage of his connections to the mob while remaining mindful to keep his three sons on the straight-and-narrow path.

In the Language of Birds

In the aftermath of the assassination of a beloved king, conspirators take control of the Kingdom of Melderone, unchallenged until the deposed ruler’s rightful heir learns of his destiny in a “Hamlet” meets “Beauty and the Beast” fantastical tale.


Jonathan Walden — idealistic and high-minded — is a long shot to become president of Midwest University until a shrewd deal gets him the post at the proverbial liberal arts/research school where football, status, allowing donors to have their way and taking any action to protect the brand is the norm.

A Long Way From Jamaica

Clyde, an irascible rebel (who lost his eyesight decades ago), is estranged from his family, and serving time at a halfway house for the consequences of his bad temper. As he struggles to find his place, Clyde comes under the influence of a charismatic street hustler with a scheme to finance an escape to paradise, where Clyde believes he will be finally free.