I Knew You When

GENRE: Drama, Romantic


Mutually saved by a chance encounter when their lives are at a meaningless impasse, Addie and Will realize they are soul mates. Fate, however, casts many obstacles in their way.


Will is a free spirit, looking for a good time, proud of living the bachelor’s life and not giving a commitment to any woman. Meanwhile, Addie is angst-ridden, never been in love (although it’s not because she hasn’t tried), and convinced she should marry despite not feeling in love with one of the nicest men she’s ever known, Bruce.

Will and Addie’s paths cross on a deserted stretch of shoreline when he comes to her rescue after drifting away from shore, looking as if she has intentionally wandered into the deep waters to drown. Drawn together by a magnet attractive force, the magical and torrid love-affair weekend at the beach is based on a mutual understanding that neither will reveal their identity, and both agree to “live in the moment” of what is the most exhilarating and passionate days of their lives.

Six months later, they are stunned when Will shows up at Addie’s wedding to Will’s best friend, Bruce. Knowing much more about each other than either realizes, Will and Addie restrain themselves and agree their weekend affair should be forgotten and they each need to get on with their lives. The problem, however, is once they realize their passion for each other, neither can live without the other.

In the years ahead, Will tries desperately to get past his love for Addie by marrying the daughter of the partner of an architectural firm where he works. But that’s not enough. Looking to “find himself,” Will leaves his wife and travels, settling in a small town out west, working as a bartender. With too much time on his hands, Will is drawn into the local meth scene. Soon thereafter, he is stealing money so he can keep up with his meth habit.

After Will falls on hard times after an unintentional overdose, Bruce comes to his aid and helps him to recover. Moving in with Bruce and Addie stirs up Will’s romantic feelings for Addie, and soon he and Addie are again passionately in love. Yet again, they realize they must leave each other for Will cannot live with himself for being disloyal to his best friend.

Interested in reading the screenplay?

Please contact Eric Canton, Canton Literary Management, at ecanton7@gmail.com, 805.406.0527

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