When Stillness Speaks

Two decades after being convicted of a horrific crime, Caleb Taylor’s life sentence is commuted to time served by the governor. His release comes at the worst possible time for his brother, Brenan, the state’s attorney general with a reputation for being tough on crime, and who is commencing a campaign for governor against the affable, but perceived “weak” incumbent.

The incumbent governor, however, is no push over. He has made a secret deal with Caleb’s attorney, who has come to the governor with revealing and damaging information on Brenan, who bribed and blackmailed key witnesses and hid key evidence that would have exonerated Caleb years ago. The rub is that Caleb’s attorney had a long-term affair with Brenan, and after years of unbearable guilt, the defense lawyer is finally compelled to “right the wrong” and turn over exculpatory evidence.

For his part, Caleb has no recollection of allegedly murdering his father with a baseball bat. Yet he figures he must have committed the crime because he was so high and “jacked up” that he could’ve done anything that night, and besides, his fingerprints were all over the murder weapon.

After being released from prison, Caleb finds work in a small town north of where he grew up, and where Brenan, his family and their mother and sister still live. After being invited to join an addiction recovery group as an advisor, Caleb comes in contact with a woman who sees “the innocence in his eyes and love in his heart.” One night a desperate teenager shows up at the meeting. Caleb befriends him, and then learns the boy is Brenan’s son, who hitchhiked to the small town after getting caught up in a horrible crime that he can’t escape.

Intent on saving his nephew, Caleb is drawn back into the dark family secrets, reliving his past, the gruesome circumstances of his father’s murder and gaining a shot at redemption. But the path toward salvation is filled with obstacles; the largest among them — Brenan, who would rather have his brother killed than to have Caleb’s innocence revealed.

In the end, a fundamental choice must be made: Act in accord with moral rectitude, or languish in the shadowy world of manipulation and half-truths along the road to perdition. What will be the decision when stillness speaks?

Registered with Writers Guild of America. 

Frank T. Provenzano is a journalist, writer and screenwriter. He lives in Detroit. 
Represented by Eric Canton, Canton Literary Management
Phone/Text: 805.406.0527 Skype: ericcanton
Email: ecanton7@gmail.com


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